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The Complexity of Hardness: A Look at Core and Surface Hardness

Hardness is a metric of a material’s or steel’s resistance to deformation when subjected to weight or pressure. The higher the hardness, the more challenging it is to distort. When it comes to determining the criteria and requirements of fasteners, screws, and bolts made of carbon steel or alloy, core hardness and surface hardness are […]

Spherodizing Annealing vs Normalizing

The cold heading quality or CHQ wires are steel wires produced by different processes from wire rods. The CHQ wires are used in various automotive operations, such as fasteners and bearings.  Generally, two widespread processes are used to create Chq wires: Annealing and Normalizing.  These two processes are combinations of heating and cooling methods. Both […]

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Syscon CHQ Wire

Steel wires derive their nomenclature according to their quality, applications, and manufacturing process. CHQ (Cold Heading Quality) wire is one category of wires with special applications across the fasteners, automotive, and bearings industries.   The acronym CHQ means Cold Heading Quality, and the manufacturing process involves drawing and annealing wire rods to convert the stock into […]