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CEO's Message

CEO's Message

What started as a fundamental learning from ground zero in the family business of one of the most trusted and respected names in Indian Steel Wire Industry, to developing into a flagship brand of CHQ wires manufacturing as an independent arm of ©Systematic Wires Pvt Ltd, has been both fulfilling and evolving.

Gaining from in-depth knowledge of close to three decades of wire industry, I founded Syscon Wires – a cutting-edge technology and heading it to one of the Top 3 Leading Manufacturers of CHQ Wires (Cold Heading Quality wire), Alloy Steel Wires and SAIP Wires.

Identifying conventional processes showed a lack of;

  • Consistent quality,
  • Decarb-free alloy steel wires
  • Causing failures in cold forging and the end applications,

I was resolved to explore alternative solutions that could curtail the massive losses in the steel manufacturing industry.

With the help of Annealing technology from EBNER Austria and a world-class infrastructure to counter quality concerns, we have consistently driven OEE improvement by upto 30% for our customers.

Today, Syscon Wires’ patrons are benefiting from

  • Minimum 95% Spheroidization
  • Zero Decarburization
  • Uniform grain structure
  • Lower in process quality rejections;
  • Cost Savings of 12-14%

It’s been exciting to fulfill the core of our existence which lies in designing metallurgical transformation processes. Syscon Wires manufactures specialized steel wires specific to high-end and niche applications such as fasteners and bearings. Products made from our wires are used by Maruti Suzuki, Force, Royal Enfield, Mahindra & Mahindra, Volvo Eicher, Daimler, TVS, Bajaj, Tata and Ford, Ola and Ather.

Being at the helm of an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing unit, we take pride in not only providing reliable and superior wires every single time but also in Syscon’s team of highly qualified engineers and skilled professionals who dedicate their focus during each stage of our manufacturing process that includes Pickling, Coating, Annealing, Wire Drawing, Packaging, etc. With an installed capacity of 24000 MT wire processing per annum, We manufacture Wires for Low Tensile FastnersWires for High Tensile FastnersWires for Special Applications and deliver to Automotive Fasteners, Infrastructure, Automotive File Parts, Automotive Bearings, and more.

Innovation, Expansion and Dynamism in its core activities we are welcoming beneficial relationships with agents, re-sellers and end-users. Please feel free to drop in a message or follow our company page on LinkedIn for regular updates.