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About Syscon Wires

Syscon Wires is the flagship brand of CHQ wires under the umbrella of Systematic wires Pvt Ltd. 

Experience comes first for us. We believe in exceeding our customer’s expectations. This mission has helped us provide one of the best quality CHQ Wires and SAIP Steel Wires. Since 2005 the manufacturing unit has been serving the best quality wires with the help of efficient technology and a team of highly qualified engineers and professionals.

Syscon is known to manufacture specialty wires for fasteners, bearings, and other automotive applications. We take great pride in our capability to offer the best quality to all our customers, meeting the demands of products like fasteners, ball bearings, and roller bearings.

35 years of combined experience in wire technology has helped us evolve and deliver wires that are immensely diverse, suiting every type of user. We have been geographically and ethically assisting top fasteners and bearing brands of India.

Syscon is guided by its mission to provide comprehensive services. Having won the goodwill of our customers, both nationally and internationally. We strive towards expanding to new horizons and setting unmatched benchmarks.


The advantages of this plant is as follows:

Within a short period of its inception in 2005, SWPL has established itself as a major player. With modern technology, expert human resources & Commitment to Excellence, SWPL has created a distinct niche in steel & attained the position of one of the Market Major in the CHQ Wire segment in terms of the quality product at a very competitive price.

The other salient features of SWPL are as follows:

  • ISO 9001-2015 certified.
  • SWPL is fully compliant with pollution control norms.
  • Wire rod input sizes range from 5.50 mm to 32.00 mm diameter.
  • Current annealing capacity is 900 MT per month.
  • Following testing equipment are available in Lab.
    • Tensile Testing Machine – 400 KN capacity
    • Tensile Testing Machine – 50 KN capacity
    • Microscope (Image Analyser) – 1000 magnification
    • Hardness Tester – HRB hardness
    • Spectrometer – 16 elements
    • Upsetting Testing machine
    • Digital Micrometers – 2 Nos – 0.001 – 25.00 mm
    • Micrometers – 3 Nos – 0.01 – 25.00 mm
    • Vernier Caliper – 0.01 – 300.00 mm
  • Calibration: Tensile testing & Hardness Testing Machines are duly calibrated.