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The cold heading quality or CHQ wires are steel wires produced by different processes from wire rods. The CHQ wires are used in various automotive operations, such as fasteners and bearings. 

Generally, two widespread processes are used to create Chq wires: Annealing and Normalizing. 

These two processes are combinations of heating and cooling methods. Both processes have a few similar and a few different steps, especially in the last cooling part. Also, one can differentiate the process based on the way the minute structure of the material is changed. 

In the annealing method, cooling is done in the furnace or oven, while in the normalization method, it’s done in the open air. 

Both processes have slightly different outcomes, which further determine the productivity of the material in the following steps.

So let’s understand annealing and normalizing in more detail.  

What is annealing?

Annealing is done in three specific steps. First, the material is heated at or above the critical temperature (where the material is in a liquid state). Next, the material is soaked at that exact temperature until the required properties are acquired. In the last step, the material is slowly cooled down at room temperature in the furnace or oven itself. 

In the annealing process, the material softens up and modifies material properties such as processability, electrical or mechanical components, and ductility. 

What is normalizing?

Normalizing also has three steps. In the first step, the material is heated up to or above the critical temperature, just like it is done in the annealing process, and then soaked at that temperature until the required material properties occur. However, in the final step of the normalization method, the material is cooled down from the oven in the air, unlike the annealing process. 

In the normalization process, the material softens but does not form uniform properties like an annealed product.

The difference between annealing and normalization

  1. The significant difference between annealing and normalization is how it’s cooled down: In annealing, the material is cooled down in the furnace itself, and in normalization, the material is cooled down in the open air.
  2. The Grain size: In annealing, grain size is coarser, and the distribution is uniform. In normalization, grain size is finer, but the distribution is less uniform. 
  3. Strength, elasticity, and hardness: In the annealing process, strength, flexibility and hardness are lower, while in the normalization process, they are slightly higher. 

Which process do Syscon wires use?

The Syscon wires are the providers of the best Cold heading quality or CHQ wires, and they use an annealing method. The CHQ wires are used in many industrial and commercial applications such as fasteners, bearings, appliances, heavy off-road equipment, and hand and automotive tools, including the construction industry, because of their uniform formation, excellent finishing, machinability, and trustworthiness. 

Syscon Wires specifically uses the annealing method to manufacture Cold Heading Quality wires as the outcome of the process is more uniform, ductile and low in strength and toughness. It gives the final material required quality and desired result. Also, the CHQ wires made by using the annealing method are the best in quality. They have a better life, productivity and efficiency than other products that many industrialists are looking for. 

Is annealing done via the Ebner furnace?

The surface quality of fasteners and bearings made with CHQ wires matters as they are exposed to more demanding climatic situations. Therefore, the selection of the correct wire type and brand is essential. It has good quality, strength and a better and more durable surface. 

The Syscon wires specialize in the annealing process, which uses the furnaces manufactured by the Ebners. Ebner’s furnaces use a method termed as bright annealing, which gives heat treatments to metal in the presence of hydrogen. It makes the treated metals softer, more pliable, and glossier.

Why Syscon CHQ wires?

Syscon CHQ wires is a well-known brand of Systematic Wires across India and overseas for manufacturing the best quality CHQ wires for over 15 years. The Brand Syscon has created its place in the market by constantly providing Cold Heading Quality or CHQ wires of the best quality with competitive rates and satisfying customers’ demands. 

One reason to select Syscon Wires is that they have been designed to increase the tool life at cold forging. This can be a significant benefit for businesses that rely on cold forging as part of their manufacturing process. By using Syscon Wires, companies can potentially extend the life of their tools, reducing the need for costly replacements and downtime for maintenance.

Another advantage of Syscon Wires is that they have consistently reliable properties. This means that companies can count on the wire to perform consistently from batch to batch, leading to more reliable end products. This can be especially important for businesses that depend on precise and consistent components in their manufacturing process. By using Syscon Wires, companies can have confidence in the quality and performance of their products.

The Syscon Company takes great pride in its ability to provide high-quality products to its customers, including fasteners, ball bearings, and roller bearings.