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Steel wires derive their nomenclature according to their quality, applications, and manufacturing process. CHQ (Cold Heading Quality) wire is one category of wires with special applications across the fasteners, automotive, and bearings industries.  

The acronym CHQ means Cold Heading Quality, and the manufacturing process involves drawing and annealing wire rods to convert the stock into the desired quality of the wire. CHQ wire has crucial applications in fasteners, bearings, cold forged parts, and for producing coupling parts like nuts, bolts, small screws, and machinery parts. 

CHQ is a special grade of steel extensively used in the form of CHQ wire across the automobile sector in various forms like fasteners, wires, tire beads, ball bearings, etc. 

Syscon CHQ wire is a leading brand from Systematic Wires (P) Ltd that has been manufacturing best quality wires since 2005. Syscon CHQ wire has become a symbol of quality and trust that helped the brand become a dominant force in the specialty steel wire segment. The name Syscon flashes instantly across the mind of consumers when discussing CHQ wires because of the brand’s high reputation in manufacturing the best quality wires at competitive rates.  

Here are five reasons for choosing Syscon CHQ wire without giving it a second thought. 

The wire is crack-free during forging

Industries that use CHQ wires would find a marked difference in quality between Syscon CHQ wire and other brands. The most visible difference is that the wire is crack-free during forging. 

The forging process helps to fuse the wire within bearings and fasteners or any other product that requires special reinforcement. The skillful engineering process of manufacturing Syscon wires is almost error-free together, with the high-quality steel of the appropriate grace preventing surface cracks of the wire during forging. 

The quality of Syscon CHQ wire helps to avoid the build-up of excessive stress that causes cracking. Moreover, the uniform grain size of the wire helps prevent cracks while forging.

The surface finish of wire is excellent for forging

The SAPPD (Spherodized Annealed, Pickling, Phosphating, and Drawing), one of the processes involved in the manufacturing of CHQ, helps to maintain a highly smooth surface of wire which is excellent for forging. The quality of the surface finish is critical because it ensures an improved tool life during forging and saves costs. Also, the quality of the surface finish impacts the corrosion-resistant property of wires.

A smoother surface finish considerably reduces the chances of corrosion. The surface finish has varied effects on some manufacturing operations.

Increased tool life by using Syscon CHQ wire

The superior quality of Syscon CHQ wire help users indirectly saves cost. The excellent surface finish of the wire increases tool life and productivity for users as they can use a tool to produce a higher quantity of items in less time. Since cutting tools are highly expensive, the extended life ensures fewer changes to achieve higher production, thus saving 


Cutting tools comprise 3% of the total cost of a part, and doubling the tool life means reducing the cost per item by 1.5%. Containing operational costs amid a challenging economic environment proves beneficial for those who use Syscon CHQ wire and enjoy extended tool life.

Best Spheroidization and zero decarburization

Decarburization is a process that reduces the carbon content in steel. Carbon is a vital ingredient in steel that imparts strength and hardness to the metal. Steel comes in three grades: low, medium, and high carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the stronger is the steel. 

The process of manufacturing Syscon CHQ wire includes Spheroidized Annealing in an atmosphere of nitrogen which ensures zero decarburization, which means it prevents loss of carbon content from the product, thus ensuring its strength and hardness. 

Ideal for fastener manufacturers looking to improve production efficiency

Increasing productivity by enhancing the efficiency of the production processes is the goal of every manufacturer, and Syscon CHQ wire helps them achieve the goal. 

The high-quality wire ensures a smooth manufacturing process for users who can produce higher quantities without changing cutting tools frequently. It helps to reduce the downtime required for changing the tool thus increasing the production throughput to achieve higher productivity. 

The excellent surface finish ensures flawless forging, which improves production efficiency.

So if you’re looking for the best CHQ wire on the market, then be sure to choose Syscon. Their superior quality and performance is sure to meet all of your needs and expectations.